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    Astronomy 1 is an introductory class for students who want to study honours Astronomy as a combined degree, or for students who just wish to know more about planets, stars and general astronomy. The treatment of the subject is quantitative, involving some mathematics and physics. 

    The Astronomy 1 course runs across the full session, from September to March. The semester 1 modules concentrate on the solar system while the semester 2 modules focus on the wider universe: stars, galaxies and cosmology. There is also a laboratory component in both semesters.

  • This course surveys our present understanding of the solar system and the wider universe. It is intended for students not wishing to enter an Honours course in Astronomy.

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    Welcome to Physics 1! This course makes up the introductory class for students intending to proceed to an Honours degree involving Physics. The course is also recommended for those intending to study other physical sciences and who want an element of Physics in their curriculum.